2021- 22  Calender


Oct 29th  John Wicks 3 Day  Camp

Oct 30th   John Wicks 3 Day Camp

Oct 30th    AGM and Awards Night

Oct 31st     John Wicks 3 Day Camp

Nov  9th    Priv Lessons with Angie Wicks

Nov 13th   Backhouse & Humphries Clinic

Nov 14th   Backhouse & Humphries Clinic

Nov 20th   Ranch Versatility A Show and Western Dressage Competition  this Western Dressage Comp will be the first in a State wide Interclub Buckle Series more info coming

Nov 27th  5.00 pm Annual General Meeting all Members welcome to attend

Nov 27th  7.00pm Annual Awards Night dinner and presentation 

Nov 30th   Steve Thake  Mid Week  Horsemanship and Obstacles Clinic

Dec  1st      Steve Thake Mid Week Horsemanship and Obstacles Clinic

Dec 3rd     Priv lessons with Donal Hancock

Dec 4th     2nd in Series of 6 Donal Hancock Horsemanship Clinic

Dec 5th     2nd in Series of 6 Donal Hancock Horsemanship Clinic

2022 coming soon

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